Architectural Control Committee Members 
Jeff Jackson
Mike Arguelles
Paul Barton
Belinda Bostain
Joe Ortega

Any NEW HOME BUILD requires a completed “Bandera County Development Permit Application”
Bandera County Development Permit Application * 502 11th Street * Bandera, TX 78003

Bring your completed ACC application and appropriate fees to the DRROA
DRROA OFFICE * 161 Broken Spur Circle * Bandera, TX 78003
Call or e-mail the office if you have any questions regarding your project and what is needed or required. 

If you are planning to build a new home or start a small project around your home or property, you will need to fill out a building application and submit it to the ACC prior to any work being started.
Some examples of improvements/alterations requiring written approval from the ACC include (refer to the Declarations and/or Rules pages for other details):
New residential structures
Additions to existing residential structures
Fences and walls
Barns or Storage buildings
Patio covers and Pergolas
Flagpoles, light fixtures
Solar collection panels
Swimming pools
Rainwater collection systems
Any walled structure in excess of 30 square feet, and with a wall height in excess of 36 inches, visible from the street.

Fees to accompany applications:
New Home construction: $850.00 plus a $2,000.00 Security Deposit
(Security deposit is refundable, less any fines, upon completion of construction)
$35.00 – Small projects, fences, storage buildings, solar panel projects, water catchment projects and greenhouses, etc..



Masonry Guidelines

ACC Application 


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